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Thinking about entering Electrolux Appetite for Excellence? Here are 10 ways it could boost your career.

“Appetite for Excellence ” a program meaning exactly that, is wonderful  initiative that not only gave me more confidence in what I do, but more importantly gave me the tool of ‘listening’. This program is about a collective, a bunch of people with the Appetite to learn, discover, collaborate, teach and push boundries” James Viles, Australian Young Restaurateur 2013

We are a national program that aims to find, develop and support the next generation of culinary stars. Our mission is to inspire and nurture young restaurateurs, waiters and chefs by providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences, educational opportunities and enviable prizes. The program culminates in the crowning of the Australian Young Restaurateur, Young Waiter and Young Chef, of the Year, but it also provides fantastic opportunities for everyone who enters. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should think about entering:

  1. Define your career goals

Ok, we admit that the application form looks a little daunting. But just taking the time to fill out the application form can really help you focus on where you want to go in your career and how you’re going to get there.

  1. Increase your knowledge

Everyone who enters is invited to a one-day educational workshop in each state. Plus our national finalists go on a week-long produce tour to learn more about the science behind our produce, gain inside knowledge about food and wine production and connect with passionate winemakers, farmers, harvesters and producers.

  1. Learn new skills

You’ll learn cool stuff, we promise. We help develop your skills outside of the restaurant, such as social media etiquette, and put you in touch with key players, producers and peers so you can share ideas.

  1. Build your confidence

Appetite for Excellence is not a cutthroat competition. We want to help you shine, with mentoring, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and a supportive environment.

  1. Network with industry icons

Want to rub shoulders with the big cheeses? The program gives to chance to show some of Australia’s most talented chefs, restaurateurs and industry gurus just what you can do.

  1. Meet passionate producers and suppliers

National finalists get to take part in a hands-on food and wine tour in one of Australia’s most renowned regions and network with winemakers, farmers, growers and producers.

  1. Connect with your peers

You’ll also meet young guns like you and share experiences, ideas, advice and trends. It’s like hanging out with like-minded mates. Most of the people walk away with lifelong connections (plus, you’ll have a couch to crash on in every state!).  

  1. Explore your creativity

If you’re a young chef, you get to develop your own menu according to your food philosophy (not your head chef’s). National finalists also take part in a cook-off to produce a three-course menu for our judges.  

  1. Raise your profile

Want to be the next celebrity chef, waiter or restaurateur? That’s not what we’re about, but we’ll help kick-start your career with local and national publicity and arm you with the tools to promote yourself and expand your network of contacts.

  1. Make a splash on the world stage

Got your passport handy? The program also offers you the chance to travel the world and gain international exposure with some truly awesome prizes. So what are you waiting for? Applications close at 11:59pm on Monday 03April 2017 AEST

young chef, waiter & restaurateur 2017 applications are open. Why not apply now?


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