designing chefs

Chefs are using more than their training & techniques to create innovative dishes. It’s moving into the creation of the very tools that they use to plate, cook or slice ‘n’ dice their food. When a chef develops a new dish, they must consider the interaction, the emotional reactions, the visual aesthetic, the cost, and the reproducibility. This is now extending to include the plate, cutlery or sugar bowls as part of the overall look of the dish, the table setting and the restaurant. Even in the kitchen, they are creating tools that are things of beauty and function such as their own knives or knife handles. From something that is born out of creative curiosity, it has now extended into the dining rooms and kitchens around the country.


Introducing Sam Prance-Smith; Chef & Knife maker
Sam has spent the many years honing his skills as a chef and in the last few, a knife maker. He began the journey from a daily use of his knives. His creations will soon be available for online purchase from December. Until then head to his Instagram account @knivesbysamprancesmith to see his creations.

What inspired you to begin making your own knives?
I’ve always enjoyed woodwork as a hobby and had an interest in knife making methods, particularly Japanese knives.  After doing some research I found it hard to locate anyone creating custom made knives & knife handles so started making them for myself. I have since found that there is a real market for handcrafted custom knives & handles in the hospitality market. I’m able to source over 80 different varieties of wood all from within Australia and only use stabilised wood to ensure the longevity of the knife handles.

What draws you to the types of materials used to make the knives?
I enjoy discovering new woods & metals, particularly with the wood, I am always interested to find out the history of where it came from. Every piece of wood is unique even it came from the same tree, its patterns & colours always vary which make it so exciting and interesting to work with.

Do you make the blades as well?
My main speciality has been producing handcrafted knife handles; however I have now branched out and am designing and creating blades as well so I can sell whole custom knives.

Where can people purchase the knives?

Until the website has launched people can contact me at for a quote. Handles range between  $70 – $150 and complete custom knives start at $250. Quotes are based on materials, shape & style chosen by the customer.

Instagram: @knivesbysamprancesmith
Phone:       0424 590 501