RECIPE: Rack of pork, pickled shiitake mushrooms, sauce of juiced brassica split with seaweed oil and grilled leaves

2018 Appetite for Excellence Awards Young Chef of the Year Winner Max Sharrad from Shobosho in Adelaide shares his take on pork, brassicas and mushrooms

1kg 4 point free range pork rack, at room temperature
1kg Diced unsalted butter, chilled
1L Grapeseed oil
1kg Peeled turnips
1kg Kohlrabi (leaves reserved for grilling)
1kg Broccoli
100g Murray River pink salt
200g 100% blue gum honey
200mL Rice vinegar
100g Shiitake mushrooms, stems removed
1 bunch Thyme
1 bulb Garlic
250g WELPAC brand dried wakame

First combine the honey and vinegar in a pot, adjust with water and salt and boil. Put shiitake mushrooms in a
bowl and pour over liquid. Cover with cling film and allow to steep for 30-45 minutes.

Clean the kohlrabi and turnips and cut into pieces small enough to pass through a juicer. Juice and add straight
into a pot. Bring to a boil and when a raft of vegetable protein forms, pass through an oil filter into a clean
pan. Season with salt and a little of the leftover pickling liquid from the shiitake mushroom.
Finally, add the juice into a thermomix, set the timer and set the temperature to 70°C. On speed 6 slowly add
cold diced butter until an emulsion forms. Check seasoning and set aside, the emulsion will hold until required.

Add the dried wakame and 500mL of grapeseed oil into a thermomix. Blitz for 8 minutes on speed 10 with the
temperature set to 100°C. Pass through an oil filter and set aside until required.

Boil a pot of salted water. Clean the brassica leaves and blanch until the stems are tender. Refresh in iced
water and dry on chux or paper towel. Very lightly salt the leaves and grill over charcoal or in the absence of
charcoal a hot dry pan. Once crispy set aside and brush with a tiny amount of wakame oil.

Preheat an oven to 200°C. Put a large pan on high heat and add grapeseed oil. Season the pork well and add to
the pan. Brown the pork on all sides before adding sprigs of thyme, two crushed garlic cloves and a large nob of
butter. Turn the pan down to medium flame and begin foaming the butter and basting the pork rack over and over
until the entire outside is golden brown. Be sure to keep control of the temperature of the pan and not burn the
butter otherwise the flavour of the pork will be ruined. Once brown check the pork and finish in the oven. Rest
the pork in aluminium foil until carving is required.

Carve the pork, season with a little salt and plate to the top right of centre, rib bone facing 11 o’clock.
Place the shiitake in a mixing bowl and dress with a little of the pickling liquid. On the opposite side of the
plate to the pork, assemble five shiitake per plate in a tight but random fashion. Cover the shiitake with the
grilled brassica leaves. Finally, heat the sauce to around 70°C. Fill four sauce jugs 1/2 the way with hot sauce
and another 1/4 way with wakame oil and swirl just before pouring in the middle of the plate so that tiny beads
of green oil float on the surface of the sauce. The sauce should be poured at the table.

RECIPE: 2018 Perrier Spritz Winner Sebastien Wattel Winter Solstice Spritz

The 2018 Perrier Spritz Sebastien Wattel from Bennelong shares his winning cocktail recipe.

This Spritz is called the Winter Solstice as it represents the turning point where the days begin to be brighter and the count down to summer begins. While the spices celebrate winter flavours the Perrier bubbles hint at the summer that is approaching.

25ml – house made mulled wine syrup
10ml – Pampelle ruby
10ml – Dry curacao
30ml – Perrier
Top with Sparking wine

Glass – wine glass

Garnish – dehydrated orange slice , cassia bark and flammed orange peel (discard)