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Stoney Rise – not your average winemaker

Written by Lilani Goonesena. It’s not every day that you get to pass an afternoon with one of Australia’s top winemakers. And to drink his wine, have a laugh and grill him on why it’s so damn good. But that was our lot on the third day of our Electrolux Appetite for Excellence produce tour […]

Fresh Produce Update

Murdoch Market Update Buddha’s hand has arrived Limes have gone through the roof…expect lemons to do the same very shortly All the radishes looking good Murdoch Produce has created a full Market Update for a great insight to what’s in this week Spotlight….Zucchini & Zucchini Flowers Healthy Fact Zucchinis have high water content (over 95%), […]

Rod Shokuhi – eat & drink Insider Knowledge

Rod Shokuhi is one of our Australian young chef 2014 state finalists and sous chef at Beasley’s Tea House in Melbourne. Get a little insider knowledge as Rod shares his favourite places for coffee, food, markets and bars in and around Melbourne.