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Peter Sullivan’s front of house stories

written by Dominic Rolfe. It’s Valentine’s Day at ARIA almost a decade ago and a dapper gentleman is treating his glamorous partner to a romantic lunch. The restaurant’s best waiter moves skillfully about the floor, taking time to chat to the pair and deliver their orders. Later that evening, during the dinner service full of […]

Opening a Restaurant and then making it work by James Viles

At the heart of good restaurants is the person who had the passion and determination to create their vision. This is a story of a restaurateurs’ journey about why he opened his business, what happened when he did (the good, the bad and now the success) and where he sources his produce from. James Viles of Biota […]

Challenge Yourself

The Electrolux Appetite for Excellence program allows you to test yourself against the industry’s best up-and-coming talent. Coasting along isn’t going to get you anywhere in your career. The Appetite for Excellence program encourages you to explore different ideas, skills and produce and see how you stack up against your contemporaries. Are you up for […]