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After a month of reviewing the young, up & coming culinary talent across Australia, we can reveal the results.  These young restaurateurs, waiters & chefs have a series of interviews & skills testing with some of Australia’s hospitality heavyweights. Judges such as Christine Manfield, Danielle Gjestland, David Thompson, Duncan Welgemoed, James Viles, Luke Mangan, Mark Best & Simon […]

hop to it Paroo

written by Dominic Rolfe It began with a bag of bloody red meat thudding onto the Bayswater Brasserie’s kitchen bench back in 1995. Jared Ingersoll, the restaurant’s head chef had eaten kangaroo before – “it was a cracking meat,” he recalls – but he couldn’t figure out why most Australians seemed so squeamish about it. […]

Danielle Gjestland, following your passion

written by Dominic Rolfe A couple of years ago, Danielle Gjestland stood watching her father and husband argue about how the trench on their new farm should be dug. When they reached the point of refusing to talk to each other, the sinewy blonde hitched a trailer to the car, hired a trench-digger having never […]