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Peter Doyle – tasting success

Written by Dominic Rolfe It’s unlikely Peter Doyle will forget his first moments as a chef. If he ever does, all he needs to do is peer down at his index finger. When the new apprentice landed a job at the Argyle Tavern in 1972, after shopping himself around for two weeks, his head chef […]


After a month of reviewing the young, up & coming culinary talent across Australia, we can reveal the results.  These young restaurateurs, waiters & chefs have a series of interviews & skills testing with some of Australia’s hospitality heavyweights. Judges such as Christine Manfield, Danielle Gjestland, David Thompson, Duncan Welgemoed, James Viles, Luke Mangan, Mark Best & Simon […]

hop to it

written by Dominic Rolfe It began with a bag of bloody red meat thudding onto the Bayswater Brasserie’s kitchen bench back in 1995. Jared Ingersoll, the restaurant’s head chef had eaten kangaroo before – “it was a cracking meat,” he recalls – but he couldn’t figure out why most Australians seemed so squeamish about it. […]