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Appetite for Young Swines

eat. drink. network. discover.

For your shot at a seat – on us – at the appetite young swines, simply fill in your details below.

eat. drink. network. discover.

If you are passionate and committed young waiter or chef (sous and under)  who’d love to discover what some of our young leaders are doing food & booze wise, come along to dinner lunch – on us. It’s four courses with the spotlight on Pork with our sommelier’s matching and talking about beverages. 

It’s a chance to connect with others in your industry, pick their brains about techniques, cooking, and how they got to where they are today. It’s also an opportunity to see what 5 different people are doing with their food and how different beverages can enhance the meal.

Seats are limited to just 30. We’ll let you know on Wednesday 21 September who has a seat & the venue. Featuring chefs Jake Davey from est.; Aaron Ward from Sixpenny; Troy Crisante from Bennelong with Brooke Adey from Yellow on the floor and sommelier Gerald Ryan from Oscillate Wildly. 

When: Monday 26 September

The Old Clare Hotel and the site of the old Carlton United Brewery seemed a fitting venue for the Sydney leg of the Appetite for Young Swines event – an Appetite for Excellence and PorkStar project to help foster a community of young like-minded hospitality professionals, where they can see; hear & learn from the rising stars of the hospitality industry.

The event kicked off with a welcome cocktail shaken (not stirred) by Gerald Ryan, restaurant manager of Oscillate Wildly in Newtown. Gerald was the Electrolux Australian Young Waiter in 2014 and had carefully selected the beverages to match the dishes our alumni Aaron Ward of sixpenny, Jake Davey of est. & Troy Crisante of Bennelong had collaborated on. Rounding out the team with her ever professional front of house flair was Brooke Adey restaurant manager of Yellow & Electrolux Young Waiter 2015. A special mention & thanks to Dan from sixpenny who came to help out the lads in the kitchen. You are a superstar!

First up were the ‘snacks’ bite size morsels of deliciousness…

pork rillettes-quince-brik pastry-nasturtium

english muffin, smoked pigs tongue, pickles

corn and crackling

Jake Daveyaaron wardtroy crisante

Next up were the main courses where each of the chefs designed a course. Sommelier for the day and Appetite for Excellence alumni Gerald Ryan matched a delicious beverage to each dish.

smoked pork broth, shellfish, apple turnip and freekah – Jacob Davey

Endeavour Growers Series Pale Ale

black pudding with balsamic and beetroot - Troy Crisante

2015 Pyramid Valley ‘On Skins’ Pinot Blanc/Gewurztraminer/Pinot Gris

pork jowl, pigs ears, broad beans, coriander and mustard – Aaron Ward

2013 Dr Loosen ‘Wehlener Sonnenuhr’ Spatlese Riesling



As the lunch progressed the chefs along with Brooke & Gerald were able to speak to the group about their experiences within the hospitality industry; what inspires them in their careers; how the stay motivated; why the beverages were chosen for the dishes and how the dishes were cooked. 

‘The reason I went for beer for the match was to use the soft carbonation and hoppy bitterness to help stop the smoked broth from drowning out the palate, and the slightly fruity character to match alongside the sweetness of the shellfish. Also, the dish was almost a take on ramen, and with ramen and those types of dish, what do you drink? You drink beer!’ said Gerald on matching the beverage for the first course.

To go along with the blood pudding course Gerald matched the 2015 Pyramid Valley ‘On Skins’ Pinot Blanc/Gewurztraminer/Pinot Gris, This white wine has plenty of spice and aromatic character, fruit and a bit of tannin and texture through its on month macerating on skins. It’s an orange wine, which will be great with beetroot and spice’ and to finish he matched Aarons pork jowl with 2013 Dr Loosen ‘Wehlener Sonnenuhr’ Spatlese Riesling which Gerald says is a classic match – Pork & Riesling. Fat really likes acidity. The Riesling has a very high acid and levels of residual sugar from a famous vineyard. Classic!

The food was amazing; the drinks delicious and the company even more so! Thanks to everyone who came along (and to those who had driven from regional areas especially for the event) and to the team behind the event. You can check out all of the event pics here!

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