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Bianca Welsh is our joint Young Restaurateur of 2015 and is co-owner of Stillwater Restaurant and Black Cow Bistro  in Launceston. Here she shares her favourite go to places in her home state of Tassie!

favourite coffee shops


Is a fantastic little place that’s serious about their coffee and little treats. They use the locally roasted Ritual which is also a favourite of mine.

Sweet brew

Another fantastic cafe which serves some great little pastries along with their coffee.

Off Center

Another small coffee haunt has opened up off one of the main streets through town. The owner is a skilled barista.


favourite eateries/cafes

Blue Café

On my days off you will find my husband and I at Blue Café religiously having breakfast, they’re lunch menu is creative with new and interesting dishes popping up often.

Cafe Mondello

A convenient walk around the corner from our house that also does great breakfasts and a slightly Italian style lunch, it’s a perfect spot to watch the world go by on the ‘cafe strip’ of Launceston.

Phoenix and the Wolf.

A great place for a little drive is at Perth about 15 minutes out of Launceston. It’s in an old church on the main drag with really tasty, innovative food, they’re sweet and salty combinations are so good!


favourite restaurants


Of course Franklin is an obvious favourite, the fit out, the food, the wine, what’s not to love?

Me Wah

We love Me Wah in Launceston for fine dining Cantonese, they do great take away too, they’re service is outstanding.


We religiously go weekly to Kai-Zen, a small Japanese restaurant in Launceston, they take great care of us and always use the freshest of seafood.

favourite bars

Saint John

Saint John is definitely our favourite, its a craft beer bar with so much more, a great whiskey list along with great wines and plenty of other spirits. They’ve just expanded their space, they’ve done an incredible job. We always feel welcome and it attracts a really great crowd.

Mona’s Long Bar

Of course who could go past Mona’s Long Bar at the basement of the museum? Where better to have a beer while taking in all the interesting and pretty crazy things.


favourite food markets/local grocers

The Harvest Market

The Harvest Market in Launceston has really changed the community in such a positive way, it won best farmers market in Australia in the Delicious awards and it is such a vibrant place to go on a Saturday morning. The range they have there is fantastic, you can grab a great coffee, breakfast and see most of your friends down there too.

Green Grocer on Charles St

The green grocer on Charles St in Launceston has the best fruit and veg around town, it’s compact but they pack in all the best.

Alps & Amici

Other than our own deli, Alps and Amici is a great place to shop for readymade meals, great local produce and a great place to pick up a sweet treat like a house made cupcake or slice.

favourite interstate restaurants

Coda/Tonka VIC

Tough one, there is so many, Coda/Tonka in Melbourne is one favourite (yes, I’m combining them, it’s cheating I know!), the food is well balance and when you want everything on the menu, you know it’s your sort of place. Gavin has always suggested the best wines to match what we’re eating and it’s just such a fun place.

Supernormal VIC

Supernormal in Melbourne is such a great restaurant. The food is just incredible, the flavours are so clean, the service is excellent and how could you not love a restaurant that has vending machines with pocky!

10 William St NSW

Our favourite of them all. We just love everything that place has to offer, the simple yet thoughtful Italian food, the wine, the atmosphere, my husband and I feel really happy when we dine there and that’s what’s important for a diner.


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