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inspiration series… peter sullivan

The great waiters and restaurateurs are the ones who can adjust quickly to different types of people and situations. People have different expectations and the best ones are those who have a clear vision for the product but are fluid enough to meet the demands of a varied customer base.

recipe: Petuna ocean trout, creme fraiche, brassica & garam masala by Mal Meiers

Cooking time: 2.5 hours (spice mix can be made 4 weeks in advance) Skills needed: intermediate Serves: 4 Ocean trout brine 400g salt 200g sugar 4L water 3bay leaf 1 tsp juniper berries Method Dissolve salt, sugar with bay leaf and juniper berries in 1L of the water. Add to remaining water and refrigerate til […]

inspiration series… peter sullivan

by Dominic Rolfe What does the word hospitality mean to you and how has it changed since you started? Hospitality means generosity of spirit and connection. I think the industry has changed with social media and all the online influences but the essence remains the same – put the customer first and try to connect […]

Castagna wines

By Lilana Goonesena Former film director Julian Castagna and his son, Adam, have turned the spotlight onto making exceptional, natural wines. “I make wine because I love wine,” says Julian simply. “At the beginning, I kidded myself that I made the wine; I think the land makes the wine. “In the 1920’s, Rudolf Steiner [founder […]

Sam Christie: finding inspiration in the hospitality industry

by Dominic Rolfe What does the word hospitality mean to you and how has it changed since you started? Hospitality means taking care of your customers and making sure they’re having a great meal, are enjoying the experience and making sure they leave in a positive mindset. They are the basics of hospitality – you […]

Young Waiter & Young Chef National Finalists 2016

We’ve had the pleasure over the last few weeks to meet some wonderfully talented young waiters & chef’s who were selected to take part in national judging for Electrolux Australian Young Waiter & Young Chef 2016. It’s not all judging, there has been masterclasses, industry talks with the judges about hospitality as an industry & […]

Electrolux Australian Young Chef state finalists announced

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge every chef who entered this year, followed by those that came to Sydney to cook and meet our judges over the last two days. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the finalists – all of whom have a wonderful outlook, are individually talented and passionately committed to their […]