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The success and failure of the Wallis Lake Fisherman’s Co-Op is driven by its people

The success and failure of the Wallis Lake Fisherman’s cooperative is driven by its people – ‘the family’

it’s a pigs life at melanda park

From potatoes to pigs, that’s how farmers Matt and Sue Simmons have spent the last 13 years of their lives, on the farm that has been in Sue’s family for almost 100 years. Located in Ebenezer just outside of Sydney, Melanda Park began its life as a citrus farm, before floods; market crashes and ageing orchards gave way to cattle in the latter part of the last century.

the cultured butter

myrtleford butter written by Lilani Goonesena Intrepid and innovative are the words that spring to mind at our visit to Myrtleford Butter Factory on the third day of the Electrolux Appetite for Excellent Produce Tour in Victoria. In 2008, Naomi Ingleton, a former chef, bought a rundown, 110-year old butter factory. Initially she set up […]

green fields and ham

greta valley pork Written by Lilani Goonesena There’s nothing quite so endearing as a week-old piglet, and everyone wants to hold one at Greta Valley Free Range Pork farm. It’s Day Three of the Electrolux Appetite for Excellence produce tour in Victoria and we’re out in the green and muddy fields of Brian and Kim […]

Handcrafted Boosey Creek Cheese

Written by Lilani Goonesena. It’s a Tuesday morning on the Electrolux Appetite for Excellence produce tour and that means blue cheese day at Boosey Creek Cheese. Cheesemaker and co-owner, Ken Cameron, gives us a tour of the dairy and 900-acre farm where 350 Friesian cows produce 400 million litres of milk a year. Only 100,000 litres […]

The Good Oil

Written by Lilani Goonesena. The screech of cockatoos pierces the air on a cold winter’s day. “They’re a pain in the ass,” pronounces Ken Dugan with wry affection. We are at Cockatoo Grove in Cobram on the first day of the 2015 produce tour in Victoria.  Ken, who founded and sold Cobram Oil, the biggest olive oil […]

Fresh Produce Report

Murdoch Market Update Arrivals; Broadbeans, Horseradish from Tassie & local pomegranates Limited: Heirloom Tomatoes, wild rocket, baby spinach Pricey: Brocoli, Mango Murdoch Produce has created a full Market Update for a great insight to what’s in this week Spotlight….Quince Healthy Fact Quince used to be considered a delicacy. It is a low calorie fruit, has a good […]

unadulterated & refined

Written by Chloe Proud, Mathew McNamara, Michael Cole Jim and Lisa at Longridge Olives in Netherton, South Australia have been producing for 16 years. Their 100 acre property of rolling hills is defined by a Mediterranean climate, sandy soil with high salinity and a rainfall of 450ml/year on average. They believe this to be the […]

henschke – a family affair

by Joshua Niland and Sonia Bandera Most people who enjoy a cheeky tipple every now and again (or more than a tipple, more often) will understand how special one might feel standing at the foot of Henschke’s Hill of Grace vineyard with Prue Henschke herself. The 2013 Electrolux Appetite for Excellence National finalists were fortunate […]