Maideni Americano – Cocktail Recipe

National finalist, Mark Reginato was one of our young waiters in 2009. He developed a fantastic cocktail that featured at one of our young excellence dinners. The beauty of this cocktail recipe is that is quite simple to prepare at home but looks stylish and sophisticated. Mark is not only a superb waiter and restaurant manager, but is now a business owner. He started his own boutique wine agency Connect Vines a few years ago, expanding his portfolio each year. He is proud to be able to be in an industry that he loves and is much more than a career.

Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins
Skills needed: minimal
Serves: 1

30 ml Maidenii Sweet Vermouth
30 ml Campari
90 ml Club Soda
Pink Grapefruit Twist
Fresh Rosemary Sprig
Increase ingredients per person

using a zester, peel a long piece of pink grapefruit skin working your way around the grapefruit so the piece looks like a curly streamer. Cut the rosemary stick into 6-7cm lengths. Twist the grapefruit zest around the rosemary stick to use as a garnish
Half fill an old-fashion glass with ice. Add the Maidenii Vermouth, Campari & gently stir. Top up with Club Soda, add a garnish of pink grapefruit twist & rosemary sprig


  • serve in a high-ball glass and serve with double the Club Soda for a longer, thirst quenching drink
  • cut the rosemary stick longer to use as a swizzle stick
  • perfect for an afternoon pre dinner drink


Braised beef shin soup with swedes, barley and crispy leeks

Recipe of the week

Meet Stewart Wesson, a young gun chef from South Australia and proud owner of a long list of awards and accolades – including the title of the electrolux australian young chef of the year 2012, and Australian representative in the 13th Annual S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup in Venice 2013.

Here Stewart shares with us a hearty and warming soup with chunks of braised beef making a warming dinner for the chilly winter nights ahead.

Braised beef shin soup with swedes, barley and crispy leeks

  • 1kg bone in beef shin or osso bucco
  • 100g plain flour
  • Pinch sea salt
  • Pinch black pepper ground
  • 5lt beef or chicken stock
  • 15ml vegetable oil

For the beef broth

  • 100g pearl barley
  • 4 swedes
  • 2 sheets of nori seaweed
  • 4 sprigs of thyme
  • Braising stock from previous step
  • Salt
  • White pepper

To prepare the braised beef shin:
Pre-heat oven to 160c. Add the salt and pepper to the flour and mix well. Coat all the beef shin in the seasoned flour and then, in a hot pan, add the oil and seal the beef in small batches.

To prepare the beef broth
In a large pot, add the braising stock and bring to the boil. Peel the swedes, cut into 1cm squares and place in the stock. Then add the barey, thyme and nori…