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Appetite for Young Swines Lunch

The Old Clare Hotel and the site of the old Carlton United Brewery seemed a fitting venue for the Sydney leg of the Appetite for Young Swines event – an Appetite for Excellence and PorkStar project to help foster a community of young like-minded hospitality professionals, where they can see; hear hear and learn from the rising stars of the hospitality industry.

Castagna wines

By Lilana Goonesena Former film director Julian Castagna and his son, Adam, have turned the spotlight onto making exceptional, natural wines. “I make wine because I love wine,” says Julian simply. “At the beginning, I kidded myself that I made the wine; I think the land makes the wine. “In the 1920’s, Rudolf Steiner [founder […]

Henschke – we’ll drink to that

Henschke is a name entwined with Australian wine history. Proudly entrenched in the history of their region and craft, fifth generation winemaker Stephen Henschke and his wife, renowned viticulturist Prue are at the helm. They invited our young waiters, Breanna Lawler, Brooke Adey and Gerald Ryan to spend two days with them at their property. Breanna, Brooke and Gerald got […]

henschke – a family affair

by Joshua Niland and Sonia Bandera Most people who enjoy a cheeky tipple every now and again (or more than a tipple, more often) will understand how special one might feel standing at the foot of Henschke’s Hill of Grace vineyard with Prue Henschke herself. The 2013 Electrolux Appetite for Excellence National finalists were fortunate […]

Stoney Rise – not your average winemaker

Written by Lilani Goonesena. It’s not every day that you get to pass an afternoon with one of Australia’s top winemakers. And to drink his wine, have a laugh and grill him on why it’s so damn good. But that was our lot on the third day of our Electrolux Appetite for Excellence produce tour […]

Innovation, the art to great wine

Written by Lilani Goonesena. The Tamar Valley north of Launceston is yet another beautiful part of Tasmania. Brilliant blue skies and neat rows of curled brown stalks on rolling green hills stretch in every direction. The Tamar is known for its cool climate Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sparkling wines. And one of its flagship producers […]

Hildebrandt talking about the glue that holds a restaurant together…

Written by Dominic Rolfe The eight Australian young waiter finalists in the Electrolux Appetite for Excellence Awards 2014 filter expertly – and little nervously – around The Apprentice Restaurant’s sun-drenched dining room. Each of them knows that front of house experts from some of Australia’s top restaurants are scrutinising all aspects of their performance, from […]