Challenge Yourself

The Electrolux Appetite for Excellence program allows you to test yourself against the industry’s best up-and-coming talent.

Coasting along isn’t going to get you anywhere in your career.

The Appetite for Excellence program encourages you to explore different ideas, skills and produce and see how you stack up against your contemporaries. Are you up for the challenge? Here’s how the program can help you:

Define your career goals
Just taking the time to fill out the application form can really help you focus on where you want to go in your career and how you’d like to get there.

“The application process pushes you to define what your values are and who you are personally and professionally,” says Katrina Birchmeier, Garagiste, Young Restaurateur 2012.

“Be organised! Initially, the application doesn’t look overly time consuming. If you’re serious about entering you need to have given your answers some thought, and it does take a lot of time.” says Lauren Spyrou, Bistro Guillaume & young waiter of the year national finalist 2014

Step outside your comfort zone
Taking part in a cook-off or being quizzed on your food and wine knowledge may sound a little scary, but it’s probably fear of failure that’s holding you back.

If you’ve ever pushed yourself to get to the next level, you’ll know that you can produce some pretty impressive results when you really challenge yourself.

And we aim to create a supportive environment for you to do just that.

“Being exposed to high calibre mentors helped me realise that what they achieved was not because they were superhuman, but because they worked hard and were well trained and I too could achieve this,” says Massimo Mele, Young Chef National Finalist 2005.

Explore your creativity
If you’re a young chef, the program gives all you opportunity to explore your creative side by developing your own menu according to your own food philosophy.

National finalists then take part in a cook-off to prepare and produce a three-course menu to present to the judges.

“You need to create a seasonal menu and I think that’s a good thing for young chefs to be able to do, rather than just follow the head chef,” says Soren Lascelles, Young Chef 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Enter! Applications close on Sunday 12 April @ 11.59pm

To hear what past young chefs and waiters think about their involvement see/hear the below inside story;

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