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Chloe Proud is one of our past Australian young restaurateur finalists and owner/operator of Ethos Eat Drink in Hobart. Here Chloe is kind enough to tell us all about her favourite places to go in and around Hobart.

favourite coffee spots

Yellow Bernard, Hobart
simply great coffee, with streamlined convenience for coffee on the run

Pilgrim Coffee, Hobart
beautiful space and totally smash-able drinks

Ecru, Hobart
little hole in the wall that do just coffee, just really well

favourite casual eateries

The Picnic Basket, Tasmania
its a nice little drive back near my primary school, so its nostalgia teamed with perfect views, coffee and house baked goodness

Ginger Brown Cafe, South Hobart
no pretension, just good food, coffee and lovely staff, no pressure to do anything more than relax and enjoy

Pigeon Hole Cafe, West Hobart
a Hobart institution that has been taken over by produce farmers- real paddock to plate food showcasing best if the Tasmanian seasons

favourite restaurants

Black Cow Bistro, Launceston TAS
always a favourite and MUST visit for Launceston: I save up my steak eating for this place

Hejos, Hobart
some of the best Szechuan I’ve ever had- tucked away in the bus mall. Their Szechuan braised cabbage is one of THOSE life changing dishes

Written on Tea, Hobart
fried french beans + chilli pork. Thats why……….

favourite bars

Nant, Tasmania
their whiskey simply rocks

The New Sydney, Hobart
pints and open fires help you through the cold months down here

The Winston, Hobart
these guys do best beers and a southern style bar menu the way it should be

favourite markets

Farmgate Market, Hobart
this market has a real community of real growers surrounding it- its part of our day off repertoire

Country Women’s Association of Australia
not technically a grocer but these ladies have you well and truly covered for fresh fruit and veg, condiments, spices, baked things etc

Sorell Markets
you have to seriously search for diamonds in a lot of rough here- but when you find treasures they are worth it. Also some of the best chutneys and preserves going around

favourite interstate restaurants

Sixpenny, Sydney
beautifully executed, honest but technically brilliant food

Brae, Victoria
these guys follow a similar premise to our own restaurant but on the next level- exceptional food/space/concept

Esquire, Brisbane
really great food using local produce, fantastic service

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