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The Electrolux Appetite for Excellence program gives you the opportunity to network with industry leaders, producers and peers.

Got the skills, but lack the contacts? We put you in touch with industry professionals who are as passionate as you are. Here’s how the program can help you build those all-important contacts:

Network with industry icons
Electrolux Appetite for Excellence is supported by some of Australia’s most talented chefs, restaurateurs and industry gurus. The program allows you to display your skills and receive feedback, encouragement and the inspiration to succeed.

“The Electrolux Appetite for Excellence program has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far,” says James Audas, Young Waiter 2012. “It has opened so many doors and acts as a wonderful networking opportunity, connecting young talent to some of the most important people within the hospitality industry.”

Meet producers and suppliers
National finalists get to take part in a hands-on food and wine tour in one of Australia’s most renowned regions. You’ll meet winemakers, farmers, growers, producers and harvesters of dairy, horticulture, meat and seafood. The aim is to give you a greater knowledge of farming practices and produce so you can become an expert when it comes to sourcing.

Connect with your peers
You’ll also meet young guns like you and share experiences, ideas, advice and trends. “It’s a massive opportunity to meet, not only key players in the industry, but to actually spend time with your peers,” says Richard Ousby, young chef 2011. We encourage young finalists to get to know each other during a casual dinner, while the week-long produce tour is both informative and lots of fun. Many participants walk away with lifelong connections (as well as a couch to crash on in every state!).

Raise your profile
Ever Googled yourself? Go on, admit it (or try it now). Getting your name out there can help kick-start your career, so building your profile is an important part of our program. Not only will you gain local and national publicity, we’ll also arm you with the tools to promote yourself and expand your network of contacts.

“You’re not going to be an overnight sensation. It’s about doing the hard yards, doing your apprenticeship, working for good people and building up your skills,” says Peter Gilmore, Young Chef National Judge. “The Electrolux Appetite for Excellence program is an extension of this: building a network between front and back of house, strengthening the two as a functioning team.”

“The feedback from the judges is invaluable and the recognition received from becoming a finalist can really propel your career,” says Andrew McConnell.

So what are you waiting for? Enter here now. Applications close Sunday April 12

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