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Appetite for Excellence gives you the chance to develop the professional and personal skills you need to succeed whether you are a chef, waiter or restaurateur.

Looking for a quick competition win to add to your CV? Well, this is not the program for you.

Created by the industry for the industry, Appetite for Excellence is all about developing the skills and qualities you need to build a long-term career in the hospitality industry. While it culminates in the crowning of the Australian Young Chef, Young Waiter and Young Restaurateur of the Year, it also provides an industry-led program of learning that will benefit you in 2015 and beyond. Here’s how the program can help you:

Increase your knowledge
As the next generation of industry leaders, we want you to build your knowledge of food and wine. That’s why everyone who enters is invited to a one-day educational workshop in each state. We also hold one-off workshops throughout the year, so subscribe to our weekly newsletter for your chance to attend. Our national finalists go on a week-long produce tour, where they meet growers and producers and learn about new trends and techniques.

“Regardless of where you sit in the industry be it chef, waiter or restaurateur – you’re constantly developing your management and interpersonal skills, multi-tasking and so many other qualities apart from the fact that you build up a wonderful knowledge of food and wine.” says Christine Manfield, young restaurateur national judge.

Learn new skills
In today’s industry, you need more than just knowledge and technique. The program aims to develop your skills outside of the restaurant, such as using social media and getting publicity. “Being part of Appetite has been of great benefit to me both personally & professionally.  By getting to meet like minded professionals through the program, we now have a better network to help us keep the hospitality industry closer together & stronger.  Getting out into the country to hear directly from the producers what the issues they face on a daily basis really puts into perspective the responsibility that we have to treat their produce with respect.” says Daniel Wilson, chef/owner Huxtable

We put you in touch with key players, producers and peers, so you can see what others are doing and share ideas. “I really enjoyed meeting other business owners and learning how and why they work the way they do,” says restaurateur Justin Markos.

Build your confidence
Think you’re just a chef or a waiter or a business owner? Don’t sell yourself short. To us, you’re the future of our industry. Our mission is to nurture young talent and help you shine in a supportive environment. We do this by providing mentoring and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. “I was provided the support needed to travel and visit some of the great restaurants and wine regions of the world,” says James Sexton, Oscillate Wildly & Young Waiter 2011. “These experiences have given me a wonderful new perspective on the restaurant industry, alongside a sense of confidence and drive that I hope to hold for many years to come.”

Massimo Mele chef says that “being exposed to high caliber chefs involved in Appetite helped me realise that what they achieved was not because they were super human but because they worked hard, were well trained and I too could achieve this. For me, this is what appetite for excellence gave me that confidence to do, achieve my goals. Appetite is no longer just about competing but educating the young chefs, waiters and restaurateurs. I think this is more important now than ever. It’s just not about cooking anymore and the program is allowing the guys to acknowledge this and works with them to ensure they have a better understanding of the business.”

So what are you waiting for? Enter here now. Applications close at 11:59pm on Sunday April 12

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