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Aaron Ward

electrolux australian young chef of the year

By the time I’m 35

I would like to own my own restaurant in regional NSW, towards the Newcastle region. The guests will dine in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy casual food to be made all in house. We’ll cure our own charcuterie, make cheese, bake our own breads and churn butter. And if the location is right even have our own garden to grow our own fruits and vegetables.

My food philosophy

I like to keep my food simple, no fuss cooking but also keeping it refined. I try to find the right ingredients and take it to its highest potential, only using a couple of ingredients to create a dish that gives the guest an enjoyable and memorable experience. Using food as a way of bringing people together and creating a dish that can be enjoyed by the whole table is something to be thought about.

Having the knowledge of the ingredients that I use is just as important as what I am going to cook. Where the ingredient is from, what it taste like and then finding the right technique of cooking it are always things on my mind. Going to the Flemington Markets every week enables me to see what is in season at that time of the year. Talking to the local farmers and producers gives me a better understanding of how it is grown and made available to me as a buyer.