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Adrian Hart

Bennelong, NSW

Name: Adrian Hart

Instagram: @adrianhart93

Age: 23

Restaurant: Bennelong

Location: NSW

My food philosophy is… guided by the seasons, freshness and sustainability. I believe staying flexible with suppliers and keeping an open mind to cooking leads to a more ingredient-driven menu that will provide a more healthy and sustainable future for farmers, fishermen, butchers and small local businesses. I love using various preservation techniques, such as pickling and fermenting, to get the most out of a product and use ingredients that may be out of season but still at their peak in flavour.

I’d love to do an international stage at… Alinea in Chicago. Grant Achatz has a ‘next level’ approach to creativity in his cooking. His entire concept is quite fun and his ability to surprise his customers with various theatrical courses and boundary-pushing techniques have really captured my imagination.

An Australian restaurant that inspires me is… Brae. I’m really inspired by their concept of cooking from the land with a different set menu each day. I think their respect for ingredients and the land is something we can all take and learn from. I also love Ben Shewry’s food and philosophy at Attica. His strict use of native Australian ingredients is quite rare.

An industry leader I look up to is… Peter Gilmore. He’s very ingredient-driven, which sees him working in his own garden to experiment with heirloom varietals and working with producers to grow them on a larger scale. He’s one of the first chefs to start using the whole plant from seed, stem, flower and vegetable.

The 2017 electrolux australian young chef program… is a step in the right direction toward growth, knowledge, experience and recognition. By entering this program, I will have a platform to showcase myself as a young chef.