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Alanna Sapwell

Saint Peter, NSW

 Name: Alanna Sapwell

Instagram: @alannasapwell

Age: 30

Restaurant: Saint Peter

Location: NSW

My food philosophy is… one good meal can change it all. Not just the way you see food, but the way you see everything. While embracing the new world of molecular cookery, I work hard not to forget the importance of the basics. I encourage chefs to become more creative with wastage and try to give them the skill-set to be able to cook without gadgets. A home-cooked meal proves that, ultimately, food is as emotional as it is physical. I try with my own food to bring the best of both worlds – giving the customer something they can’t get at home, yet still triggering those fond memories.

I’d love to do an international stage at… Blue Hill in New York. I admire Dan Barber’s efforts to understand soil and rotation crops and how we can promote better farming techniques from within the kitchen.

An Australian restaurant that inspires me is… Oakridge Restaurant in the Yarra Valley. I’m really interested to see how they run a sustainable restaurant working predominately out of their own garden.

An industry leader I look up to is… Josh Niland at Saint Peter. To own a restaurant at his age is such an achievement. He is a leader in the industry in the way we approach fish today. He treats his staff with respect and demonstrates his confidence and generosity through his food.

In the next 5 years, I’d like to… be an owner/chef of my own restaurant. I’d also like to take my initiative, Drinks With Chefs, Australia-wide to bring the hospitality community closer and provide a stage to discover more about the industry and where we can take it. Working for Josh at Saint Peter gives me the opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of how to run a restaurant so I can open up something of my own. I’m learning vital business skills while I save and work towards this venture. 

The 2017 electrolux australian young chef program… will ensure my future business has every chance of success. They’ll never be a guide book to do this, as every restaurant is different and has its own idiosyncrasies, but appetite for excellence is as close as it gets. Being a part of this tight knit community of professionals can only enhance what I want to achieve.