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Andrew Day

electrolux australian young waiter of the year

By the age of 35

I hope to own (or have a significant share in!) 3 venues; a 60-80 seater semi-fine diner, a 50 seater wine bar and a 130pax capacity gastro pub. I want to work in all three and create the type of environment that got me hooked on hospitality in the first place. I also want to complete a level 4 WSET, finish my law degree, and also start and finish a degree in business management.

My service philosophy

My personal beliefs on how to wait is pretty simple: A good waiter must combine powers of observation, communication and thorough product knowledge to deliver an exceptional experience for customers. A great waiter injects personality into the service mix and turns an exceptional experience into a relationship, created across the customer/server divide and maintained by respect from both the customer and waiter.