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Christopher Rose

electrolux australian young waiter 2012 national finalist

my service philosophy
I like to think that I provide discreet service that allows the guests to enjoy their company and still provide excellent and personable service without being intrusive. I always think in advance about the tasks that I need to complete so that I can be more efficient in my job. My service philosophy is that I am not the star of the show. I try to think that I am a supporting character and therefore I am there to offer advice on choosing the right meal, the right wine and to increase the ambiance of the dining experience.

by the time i’m 35
I would like to own a wine bar by this age. Not a large bar, but somewhere small and intimate that specialises in showcasing Australian wines and produce. I believe that Australia produces a fantastic array of varietals and has a great diversity of regions. I hope that bar could be focused enough to attract wine connoisseurs for a drink, but also welcoming enough to invite the casual wine drinker. I would also like to have completed or be completing my Master of Wine degree.