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Dylan Labuschagne

electrolux australian young waiter 2016 national finalist

By the time I’m 35

My focus lies on furthering my education and experience, specifically within the world of wine making and professional sommelier work. As a starting point, qualifying within an acknowledged sommelier school would be a must, although I’ve found myself recently being intoxicatingly drawn towards the hands on side of micro vineyards and the additional depth of knowledge it allows me to bring to the table side.

In regards to furthering and refining my skills as a restaurant sommelier, I plan to, for at least the near future, continue under the competent and extensive tutelage of my executive sommelier and Len Evans graduate James Welsh, however at some point in my professional career I hope to put steps in place that allow me to work under or be tutored by master sommelier Sebastian Crowther.

My service philosophy

Is primarily geared towards the comfortable customisation of service in order to best meet and, hopefully, exceed the guest’s expectations. Distanced attentiveness is key so as not to make the guest feel over attended or uncomfortable. It is a non negotiable must, as you are part of a cog that creates the atmosphere of the restaurant. This is admittedly a fine line to walk, but it does draw the line between good/exceptional service.