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George Papaioannou

Sixpenny, NSW

Name: George Papaioannou Instagram: @_georgepapaioannou Age: 21 Restaurant: Sixpenny Location: New South Wales “My service philosophy is to be humble, knowledgeable and lively” I was inspired to become a waiter… while I was studying accounting at university. After working in a couple of places, I worked alongside the manager at Luxembourg Bar & Bistro who ignited my passion for the industry. Two years’ later, Daniel Puskas asked me to be his restaurant manager at Sixpenny. Since then, accounting has been a distant memory and my focus is now on hospitality. I love my current role because… I have the opportunity to lead the team at one of Sydney’s top restaurants. Moving into a management role provides a new set of challenges, experiences and opportunities. A great waiter is someone who… turns the food into an experience. A great waiter is hospitable, knowledgeable and shows initiative. They not only provide a service, they represent the menu. Having a deep understanding of the ingredients, techniques and processes used in the kitchen provides the customer with a more fulfilling experience. This in turn will lead to positive relationships and customer retention. An industry leader I admire is… Andrew McConnell. His ability to not only a run a business but make it successful is a fantastic example of how dedication can help you reach your goals. By the time I’m 35, I’d like to… own my own place, but something small, low-key and with a strong focus on genuine hospitality. However, before I reach that point, I’d like to travel, dine at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants and, if the opportunity arises, work at some of them, too.