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George Tomlin

electrolux australian young chef of the year

my food philosophy
I believe my food tastes best when eaten at a shared table with friends. Sharing food should bring you closer together, connecting you to your ‘place’ through eating seasonal and locally produced ingredients at their best.

One of the best challenges of being a chef is the need to constantly learn and improve through seeking to better understand how ingredients respond to manipulation and interact with each other within a recipe or dish. I think there are two forces that should drive this constant learning: The first is learning from the wisdom of the past, understanding why classic techniques evolved as they did and where this knowledge can be applied to improvement or innovation in other areas. Although there will always be new inventions it’s important to acknowledge that a lot of what will ever be created has already been done before, it may simply have been forgotten along the way. The second is learning through experimentation and the pursuit of further avenues of evolution.

by the time i’m 35
By the age of 35, I want to have my own restaurant that gives me the ability to cook exciting food in an environment that our guests love. I want to be in a position that allows me to mentor younger chefs, contribute and develop their skills. I would not be in the position that I am in now if I had not had these mentors in my career, and I think it is important to make sure that these opportunities are still in place for the next generation.