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Hanz Gueco

electrolux australian young chef national finalist

my food philosophy
Not having my own restaurant myself it a little hard to describe what food you cook as you are cooking under your mentor in a place of employment. But I think your food philosophy should be reflected by the food you want to eat every day, because as a cook you will in fact be tasting it every day. Lately I’ve been really trying to take a more healthy approach to the food I eat. Seeing Japanese food in particular and how they use very little fats, lots of umami and the result is a cuisine really makes you leave feeling good. Working in lots of European style fine dining restaurants, I must admit that this is an area I do not know too much about, but I would love to explore how you can translate this into western cuisines.

by the time i’m 35
By the age of 35, I would hope to be at a place where I can find my voice in the industry. I want to find a style of food that I like. I’ve always had a longing to create something new. Being a cook is great, and I’m still learning new things every day but I’ve always felt that theirs always been something missing. That I would never be totally fulfilled as a chef until I could cook my own food.