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Iain Todd

electrolux australian young restaurateur 2011 national finalist

ethos is about local, honest and fresh showcasing the best of the seasonal, small batch offerings that arrived at Ethos that same day. All coupled with knowledgeable service and a great wine list.
All the beef we use is grass-fed. I believe that cows should be allowed to be cows, grazing and wandering on pasture. We utilise top quality, local, ethical and tasty ingredients. We recycle what we can and once the garden is up and running we will compost anything organic and convert it back into delicious fruit and vegetables, eggs and honey, making us truly sustainable.

My business philosophy has a number of facets: the applied perspective of effective day-to-day management based on the tenets of hospitality management and cost-control; the ethical perspective described above; and, a deep commitment to Tasmania and its produce, its heritage building, and its diner to all play a part in maintaining an exciting restaurant.