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Imogen Clarke

electrolux australian young waiter 2016 state finalist

By the time I’m 35

I plan on working my way up to the position of head waiter at Orana, I am already receiving extra training to assist with this goal within my workplace. After that I plan on staying in that role for the foreseeable future, expanding my knowledge of native Australian ingredients and methods of cooking. Travel is within my five year plan, I hope to travel to Europe especially and visit a few top restaurants. Osteria Francescana and Faviken are at the top of that list for me. If the opportunity presented itself to gain some form of employment overseas, whether it be paid or unpaid, I would certainly jump at the opportunity. Front of house is my passion, so naturally working my way up the ranks during my career is something I aim to do, after head waiter perhaps moving into an assistant manager and then finally a restaurant manager role.

My service philosophy

Is to provide guests with an exceptional, friendly dining experience. I aim to be warm, open and friendly while providing service which is first class and unforgettable. I don’t like providing service which is stilted and disconnected, and so I aim to not do this but instead tailor my service to each guest.