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Jacob Davey

electrolux australian young chef winner


sous chef at marque restaurant, NSW

In 2004, Jacob commenced his apprenticeship at Chianti Classico and by 2008 held the position of Senior Chef de Partie. Since then, he has worked in the kitchens of the Taxi Dining Room, Kitchen W8, Pied a Terre and is currently Sous Chef at Marque Restaurant. By 35, Jacob hopes create his own food in his own kitchen where ideas flow freely, and where every chef can contribute creatively. He envisions the opinions of each individual being valid and valued whether they be a first year apprentice or sous chef.

He would also like to teach and mentor young members of the industry, and pass on the knowledge and skills he has garnered through his nine years of experience. As part of his food philosophy, Jacob believes in developing flavors through old techniques such as the natural preservation and fermentation of meat, fruit and vegetables.