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Mia McIntyre

electrolux australian young waiter 2016 state finalist

By the time I’m 35

My three goals which I want to have achieved are; working hands on in a winery, working in one of Australia’s top restaurants and being on my way to owning my own venue. Being hands on in a winery is something that is a dream for me and would be hugely beneficial for any career focused person. Wine knowledge is appreciated by customers who are unsure of wine and it is something which I am determined to achieve. Working in one of Australia’s iconic restaurants or even having the opportunity to do work experience in one of these venues is definitely one of my goals and would be an invaluable experience. To be able to work among some of the best people in the industry is not something which you come by every day. Finally by age 35 I want to either have my own venue or be on my way to having my own venue. A venue which focuses on great food and wine which leaves guests talking.

My service philosophy

Is treat each customer as a friend, welcome them in, make them comfortable and give them a positive experience which they can walk away with.