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Morgan Golledge

Blackbird Bar & Grill, QLD

Name: Morgan Golledge

Instagram: @morganspaige

Age: 25

Restaurant: Blackbird Bar & Grill

Location: Queensland

“My service philosophy is to walk with pride but talk with humility”

I was inspired to become a waiter… while I was studying journalism and beginning my acting career. I fell in love with the customer relations aspect of hospitality. The relationships you form are very special and make the hard work worth it. I decided to complete the remaining two years of my degree via correspondence so I could work full-time as a waiter and my passion for food and wine began to overtake my passion for acting.

I love my current role because… I have a fantastic mentor and there are many opportunities including competitions, travel, tastings and education. I love working with career waiters and sharing my love of good food and good wine with every customer.

A great waiter is someone who… is confident in his or her knowledge and loyal to their brand at all times. They are passionate about their country and their local food and wine culture but also international, embracing other cuisines, cultures and demographics.

An industry leader I admire is… Tetsuya Wakuda. From humble beginnings, he really pushed the boundaries of fine dining in Sydney and wasn’t afraid to merge cultures, classic cuisines and cookery.

By the time I’m 35, I’d like to… have worked in a Group Sommelier role for at least five years. I would also like to have moved interstate or internationally to experience a new culture of dining. I hope to be freelance writing for a mainstream food and wine magazine and have a few wine competition awards under my belt. My son will be 11 years old by then, so mostly I wish to be a positive role model for him and for working mums and females in the workplace.