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Shui Ishizaka

Bennelong, NSW

Name: Shui Ishizaka

Instagram: @shu.ishizaka

Age: 28

Restaurant: Bennelong

Location: NSW

My food philosophy is… that food is the art of every sense, and every sense must be used to create something you want enjoyed to that kind of level. I hold great importance in seasonality, sustainability, consistency and quality of ingredients in the food I produce. However, I believe it takes a good chef to make a great dish with great ingredients, but it takes a great chef to make a great dish with average ingredients. When money can’t buy truffle and caviar, it certainly won’t be able to buy creativity or resourcefulness.

I’d love to do an international stage at… Quintessence in Toyko. I very much identify with Chef Kishida’s cooking philosophy and ideals. Although I would never try to compare myself to him, I’ve always wanted to work with a chef who holds such a strong presence that would challenge me to re-evaluate and re-define my own resolve and dedication in the kitchen.

An Australian restaurant that inspires me is… Minamishima in Melbourne. A stage at Minamishima would give me a glimpse into a traditional sushi kitchen that is able to harness the bounty of our Australian seas in the context of traditional Japanese cuisine and technique.

An industry leader I look up to is… Peter Gilmore. I feel his passion for showcasing Australian produce with the emphasis on organically grown fruit and vegetable has been revelatory for thousands of chefs across the country, myself included. Working under chef Peter for nearly six years now, I have grown to learn how his personality in the kitchen, not just his skill, deserves a great amount of recognition and praise.

In the next 5 years, I’d like to… travel the world on a large scale and achieve a firmer grasp on my own style of food, my own specialty, my own ideals, and reaffirm my worth in the ever-evolving Australian culinary society. In five years, I will have in my arsenal the tools and skills it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with the very same people that have shaped the world of food to be what it is today.

The 2017 electrolux australian young chef program… provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to develop one’s personal style, discipline, and one’s interaction in the world of food.