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Soren Lascelles

electrolux australian young chef winner


now: Grand Hyatt, Singapore

then: Assiette

my food philosophy
I love the creative freedom of my profession and the pleasure I can pass on to people, through my gained knowledge of food. After extensive training in many different environments, exposure to various cultural backgrounds, food combinations and ingredients, I’m developing confidence in producing a menu that can excite, bring pleasure, provoke discussion, add a element of surprise, while delivering a sense of fun and adventure. By living in a culturally diverse society, a wide range of ingredients and flavours are available, which can be used based on their compatability and also by manipulating the ingredients, with full awareness, playing with the sensitivity of the palate.

by the time i’m 35
I’d like to have an understanding of my role within the industry and feel comfortable with myself on a personal level, for what I’ve achieved in my chosen profession. I’d like to be involved in a senior position, in a well respected restaurant while maintaining a high standard for production. I would also like to be involved with the training provided and interaction with work communities, outside of the kitchen. I think it is very important to have a work/life balance and learn to be compassionate towards others. Communication and creativity are also a must.