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Victor Liong

electrolux australian young chef runner up

my food philosophy
I believe an environment where the learning and sharing of information is fluid, the promotion of culture, and the idea of working smarter instead of working harder is the future of this industry, my philosophy is Australia is an island, the resourse we have in our backyard is fantastic.
Young chefs are drawing from ideas overseas and the shifting trends have allowed younger chefs to develop their own cooking styles thanks to overseas travel and information access via cultural events where foreign chefs can showcase their cuisines- thus shaping the food of Australia as a whole- I guess my philosophy is that food and cuisine should be about learning and sharing experience and progressing the industry for a greater good, for a better quality- always changing, developing and moving forward- borrowing from the great Joel Robuchon, ‘in cuisine if one doesn’t evolve, there is only regression’

by the time i’m 35
I would hope to have gained enough experience from working with local and international chefs to be able to be a head chef myself, either at my own restaurant or at a proprietors restaurant, teaching younger chefs the skills I have garnered and trying to develop my own sense of style and cooking to share with the rest of the industry and my customers.