Flavour Trend 2016

On the 09 February three of Appetite for Excellence’s young chef alumni brought to life the McCormick Foods Flavour Forecast for 2016 at the launch lunch held in Sydney.

The Chefs, Josh Niland Head Chef at Sydney’s Cafe Nice; Nicholas Hill recently returned to Sydney after 6 years as Sous Chef at The Ledbury in London and Simon Tarlington Head Chef at Highline Restaurant in Melbourne collaborated together, bringing to life the flavour trends in a 6 course lunch menu.

FlavourForecast Nicholas Hill cocktail

Flavour Forecast Josh Niland canape

FlavourForecast Simon Tarlington

Flavour Forecast Josh Niland Main(2)

Flavour Forecast Simon Tarlington pre dessert




Josh NilandNicholas HillSimon Tarlington
josh Nilandnicholas-hillSimon

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