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Murdoch Market Update

  • now in stock: Andean sunrise potatoes & Lychees too
  • red & green capsicums on the rise
  • tomotaoes: heirlooms cherry & large are both scarce with limited colour

Murdoch Produce has created a full Market Update for a great insight to what’s in this week

Spotlight….Dragon Fruit

Healthy Fact
The amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit is high, and because the dragon fruit is a natural fruit providing you with a rich balance of nutrients coming along with the vitamin C, you absorb the Vitamin C in dragon fruit efficiently when you eat dragon fruit as part of your fruit healthy diet.

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Did You Know?
The plant is a vining terrestrial or epiphytic cactus that produces fleshy stems that can measure merely a few inches up to a whopping twenty feet long on mature plants.

Courtesy of Courtesy Specialty Produce

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