Fresh Produce Report

Murdoch Market Update

  • Mulberries have started
  • Local asparagus are superb, quality is excellent
  • Crimson pearl potatoes have finished until February

Murdoch Produce has created a full Market Update for a great insight to what’s in this week


Healthy Fact
Garlic is an herb. It is best known as a flavoring for food. But over the years, garlic has been used as a medicine to prevent or treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. The fresh clove or supplements made from the clove are used for medicine.

Garlic is used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system. These conditions include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attack, and “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis). Some of these uses are supported by science. Garlic actually may be effective in slowing the development of atherosclerosis and seems to be able to modestly reduce blood pressure.

Courtesy of WebMD

Did You Know?

  • The psychological term for fear of garlic is alliumphobia
  • Garlic is said to fight off evil spirits and keep vampires away
  • The smell of garlic can be removed by running your hands under cold water while rubbing a stainless steel object

Courtesy of Top Food Facts

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