From the restaurateur judges table – some tips

Being a young restaurateur is more than a full time occupation. It’s all encompassing. It’s not about running a restaurant, but running a business as our restaurateur judges know. Each of them bring a unique and diverse business acumen to the panel.

Understanding that each restaurant has a unique viewpoint and vision, the panel wanted to give some inside tips about what they are looking for. Christine Manfield, Lucy Allon, Marilyn Annecchini and Peter Sullivan are looking for in the business profile;

  • Your vision
  • Forward thinking
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • How you are active in your community
  • Plus a 1 to 2 minute video explaining what inspires and/or excites you about your business

In addition, some of our past Young Restaurateur winners and national finalists share their top tips for the applying here

Why not give it a try? Applications are open until 11:59pm on Sunday 12 April.

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