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George Tomlin is our Australian young chef 2014 and sous chef at The Town Mouse in Melbourne. Find out where in Melbourne George goes to hang out and what his favourite restaurants and bars are.

favourite coffee spots

Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne
They use great beans to make possibly one of my favourite flat whites in the city. The staff are really friendly

Vincent the dog, Carlton
Really good local cafe, really knowledgeable staff that use different techniques to create a beautiful coffee

Cup of Truth, Melbourne
Out of a tiny ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shop underground on the way to flinders train station, these guys kill it, incredible quick coffee

favourite casual eateries

Brothl by Joost, Melbourne
This eatery reflects a lot of what I deem important in running a successful restaurant. Their ethos with sustainability and no waste is brilliant. Using something most people see as a by-product to create a tasty meal in a great environment is why I choose brothl

Blue bonnet BBQ, Collingwood
The head chef trained in Texas, he learned how to smoke meat properly and it’s insanely good. He isn’t just jumping on another food trend this is what he is passionate about and it shows. Juicy smokey tender meat with good booze

Belles Hot Chicken, Fitzroy
I guess this should be classified as a restaurant but I had to include it. The tastiest crispiest juiciest fried chicken matched with natural wines! I have a massive interest in the world of natural wine so this place ticks many boxes

favourite restaurants

Piqueos, Carlton North
Really tasty food in a casual environment. I really love Latin American cuisines and piqueos who mainly focus on Peruvian do it so well. Delicious, well cooked, unpretentious cooking

The Commoner, Fitzroy
Let’s face it the staff are great! The venue is amazing and relaxed. The food is tasty and extremely well thought out

Rockwell and Sons, Collingwood
I love the casualness of this place. The really tasty down to earth cooking and incredibly good burgers. Their beer list always features rare and really tasty craft beers which is another of my passions

favourite bars

The Beaufort, Carlton
Dive bar-esque the beaufort makes you feel as it’s your home away from home, by far my favourite place to drink in Melbourne. It combines tasty food with great alcohol which always ends in a great night. The staff I have to say though are the absolute best!

The Black Pearl, Fitzroy
Late night local cocktail bar. I like the pearl because of their extremely knowledgable and friendly staff. The bar is also a regular Hospo hangout which makes it great for catching up

Lilly Blacks, Melbourne
Awesome late night cocktail bar. Great Hospo hangout with really talented staff. Their range of bitters, even as a chef inspires me. They have such an incredible range of alcohol

favourite markets

Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne CBD
This is the only market that i use, the selection is great! As a chef being able to walk around something so vast and seeing what is in season and what people are buying inspires me in my career

favourite interstate restaurants

Garagistes, Hobart
Having only had the chance to eat here briefly i was so impressed by the food, service and wine. Everything is so well thought out and done with such expertise. Having written Garagistes down as one of my most wanted stages within Australia, eating there totally re-afirmmed that

Ethos Eat Drink, Hobart
Eating at Ethos as part of the EAFE produce tour was amazing, such an incredible end to an amazing trip! Their philosophy with their food and how they work their menu, i found as a young chef, was hugely inspirational

The Bentley Restaurant & Bar, Sydney
The Bentley is easily in my top 3 dining experiences ever. Such incredible, well thought out cooking. The service is immaculate yet fun, the wine was sensational. But seriously, the food is next level good!

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