george tomlin young chef 2014 on why he entered

George Tomlin was the Sous Chef at The Town Mouse and our Australian Young Chef 2014. Before he embarked on his prize trip of a lifetime George took the time to answer some questions about the program.

Why did you get involved in the program?

I decided to enter the program to push myself outside of my comfort zone, to meet people in the industry whether they are leaders or young people in the same position as myself. For me it was about networking and diversifying myself by putting my own creativity on the line.

What are the benefits and highlights of being involved?

Meeting people that are in the same boat as myself, young aspiring hospitality professionals who are going to be the future of this industry. I wanted to make connections that will eventually help make sure that there are people to be able to give the next generation these kind of opportunities.

Biggest lesson learnt?

I learnt so much from the program. From how to work competently under immense pressure to being involved in the produce tour in Tasmania, learning directly from the farmers themselves.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Winning the Electrolux Young Chef of the Year has definitely been a highlight for me. It was a massive indication that all the hard work I have done in my career leading up to this has been worthwhile, but also I need to keep it up to eventually be an inspiration for the younger generation of chefs.

How did the program help you get there?

Directly, it gave me this opportunity and supported me the whole way through, even afterwards.  Having programs like this keep young chefs interested and makes them realise that there is more to being a chef than just putting your head down and working really hard. You need to be well rounded, creativity and passion are two of the most important things a young chef can learn and the program inspires both.

What are you doing now?

I’m currently working as Chef de Partie at the Clove Club in London, enjoying learning in a different kitchen. For me it’s really important to diversify myself as a chef, to learn from different chefs and cultures, with the intention to bring back what I have learnt and set up a restaurant here in Australia.



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