RECIPE: Glazed Kurobuta pork belly with Lions Mane mushrooms, Turnip Tops & Local kelp

1kg     Skin on, bone out, Kurobuta Pork Belly
100g   Turnip top Koshō
100g   Shio Koji paste
500g   Lions Mane Mushrooms (cygnet Mushrooms)
500g   White Chestnut mushrooms
500g   Local kelp
20ea   Purple turnip
50g     Red elk or Red mustard leaves
20ea   Nasturtium leaves (Empress of India)


900ml Apple juice
300ml vincotto
100ml Tamari soy
20 peppercorns
10 Coriander seeds
5ea Bay leaves
5ea Garlic cloves
25g salt
100g sugar
80ml mirin
60ml Brown rice vinegar


2L Water
85g Rishiri Kombu
30g Dried shitake
20g Bonito flakes
45g  Aged Mirin
50g White soy
200g Butter
50g Kuzu

Combine all ingredients for glaze and bring up to boil. As this is happening remove skin from pork belly. Rub in Shio Koji and a little of the Turnip Koshō. Place into a small baking tray, cover with half the glaze (strained), cover in foil and roast in  oven at 150 degrees for 1 hour.

For the Dashi: Combine bonito flakes, dried shitake and water in a pot and bring up to the boil. Remove from the heat and cool to 80 degrees. Add the kombu and cling film for 30- 45 mins. Remove cling film and taste, season with aged mirin and white soy then strain. Add in the mushrooms and lightly poach for 5 mins then strain and reserve.

In a small bowl combine the Kuzu and a little water to make a paste, whisk into the Dashi just before boiling and cook out till thickened. Strain and remove from the heat.

When the remaining pork glaze is almost at a boil thicken with kuzu and strain then reserve for later.

Clean and cut the turnips, Wrap the mushrooms inside the local kelp with a little butter and check Charcoal BBQ is hot.

Remove pork from the oven and cut into 4 portions remove from cooking liquid and place onto the bbq and start to brush with thicken glaze constantly moving and turning. Add the kelp wrapped mushrooms to the coals and allow the outside kelp to burn. when you are 2 minutes away from platting add the turnips to the thickened dashi and poach for 2 mins.

Platting: Remove pork and mushrooms from the grill, Strain the turnips and reserve on a tray. Brush the bottom side of the pork with the remaining turnip top Koshō and give one last brush of thickened glaze. Place the pork belly down on the plate first followed by the mushrooms down the side, place the turnips on top spooning a little thickened dashi over. Cover with red elk and place nasturtium leaves around



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