RECIPE: Ora King Salmon sashimi with seaweed and pickled karkalla

2018 Young Chef Finalist Georgia Doherty from Qualia, QLD created this delicious creation using Ora King Salmon for our Awards Evening in August

Black Vinegar Gel
300ml shao xing
400ml soy sauce
600ml black vinegar
600g dark Palm sugar (gula Melaka)
400g grapeseed oil
23g agar

Combine all ingredients except agar in pot. Let sugar dissolve
Add agar, bring to the boil and simmer for a minute
Set in gastro, oil will split out
Blend in thermomix and the oil will emulsify itself back into the gel
Pack into bottles or piping bags for service

Seaweed Salsa Verde
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch chives
4 lemon zest
8 nori sheets
lemon juice
olive oil

Chop parsley and chives
Zest lemons
Lightly torch nori to dry out and crush into small pieces
Mix all herbs, lemon zest and nori with olive oil
Season with lemon juice and salt
Keep to consistency of a salsa verde, this is a dressing/coating for the salmon

Puffed Wild Rice
Black wild rice
3L veg oil

Heat oil until smoking
Lace small amounts of black rice in a small chinois at a time
Cool rice and lightly blitz to form a chunky crumb

Salmon sashimi
Ora King salmon

Fillet salmon, pin bone and take the skin off
Divide the side down the middle and cut sashimi slices around 3mm thick

Pickled karkalla
900ml water
600ml rice wine vinegar
300g sugar

Boil pickle and cool
Pour cooled pickle onto pickled karkalla and store in fridge. To be done 6-8 hours before serving


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