Why be one when you can be an army championing what is great about our industry?

You know the floor is in good hands when Electrolux Australian Young Waiter 2015 Brooke Adey is in charge!

Brooke along with fellow Appetite alumni Gerald Ryan served up their exceptional service skills at our recent Appetite for Young Swines lunch. The lunch was produced as part of an Appetite for Excellence and PorkStar project to help foster a hospitality community where young professionals can meet others in the industry, be able to ask questions about food, cooking, beverage matching, front of house skills; seek advice and/or tap into a wider peer group.

Before the lunch kicked off we asked Brooke what inspired her to become a waiter; why she thinks it’s important to foster the careers of young people in the industry and the importance of collaboration.

What inspired you to become a waiter?

What inspired me initially was the family of professionals I worked with at Chianti (in Adelaide). Under Maria’s guidance and leadership I fell in love with this industry.

What motivates you and inspires you daily?

On the other hand, what continues to inspire me today is the passionate, young staff and leaders I get to work with every day.

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

Be confident and don’t be afraid to take chances and risks.

What three pieces of advice would you give anyone considering it as a career?

1. Just say yes. Take risks, take opportunities, step out of your comfort zone.

2. Always be open to learning, and sharing.

3. Love what you do. That passion is infectious, to the people you work with and the people you serve.

Do you think collaborations are important for chefs, FOH and the industry and why?

Collaborations are integral. Why be one when you can be an army championing what is great about our industry. Plus, you have the opportunity to learn from your peers, tasting new things, learning new techniques.

How do you think we can inspire people to consider hospitality as a career?

As young leaders, we must be ambassadors for our industry. We must work with those in our restaurants and create an environment that nurtures and fosters talent and passion.

What do you think needs to change/be done in the industry to keep those within it motivated/inspired to stay?

It is integral that we create a workplace that encourages creativity and risk taking. Those with an interest in hospitality must be given an opportunity to learn and challenge themselves. Sharing small responsibilities or working with your staff to resolve challenges within the business can show them you have confidence in their abilities.

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