the rules young chef

The basics

below is the basic overview of the rules. for the full set of rules (terms and conditions) please go to the end of this page

The Rules – Young Chefs

  • are aged 30 years or under on Tuesday 09-Aug-16 and are over 18 years old
  • have completed and hold the nationally recognised certificate III in hospitality – commercial cookery
  • if you do not have a cert III and have worked for 2 years full time as a chef you can still apply – all we need is a written and signed reference from your current employer stating your position and length of employment
  • will need to be available on the all dates listed in the program dates – check them out here
  • for young chefs who are the owner or part owner of restaurant/venue with a liquor license should consider applying for young restaurateur of the year
  • place of employment must hold a liquor licence
  • are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
  • are not the owner, or part owner of a restaurant/hospitality business or who are employed as a hospitality trainer (full/part time or casual) are not eligible to enter

The Rules – Application

  • all application questions must be answered unless stated as ‘optional’ for it to be valid for judging and must be submitted by 11:59 pm Thursday 31-Mar-16 AEST
  • a one off application fee of $49 is paid by 11:59 pm Thursday 31-Mar-16 AEST
  • with your application you must submit all of the supporting documents as listed here in docs & templates
  • your 3 course original and seasonal menu and recipe must meet the following criteria

♦  one page menu with title and brief description of each course or your 3 course menu (1 x entree + 1 x main + 1 x dessert course)

♦  two recipes: 1 x main course recipe and 1 x dessert course recipe

♦  each recipe must serve four people and able to be prepared and ready for presentation within 90 minutes. (meaning that 90 minutes is allocated for each recipe) 

  • your main and dessert course recipe must reflect your style food philosophy and include the following – see examples in docs & templates

 ♦ title

♦ ingredients & the metric quantities (unless it’s herbs)

♦ method

♦ plating instructions

♦ equipment required to produce your dish

♦ be prepared, cooked and presented within 90 minutes

♦ costing of each course (optional)

♦ an image of each dish

  • your main recipe must include all of the following ingredients and can also include other ingredients of your choice* and must be an original recipe created by you;

♦ lamb (any cut)

♦ eggplant

♦ seasonal mushrooms

♦ seasonal green vegetable(s) of your choice

♦ only lamb stock will be provided

  • your dessert recipe is to be created by you using ingredients* of your choice in accordance with your style and food philosophy
  • include the cost of quantity used with total cost for you dish (for 4 covers) in your main and dessert recipes (optional)
  • the judges decision is final

*Ingredients: The following cannot be used in your main or dessert recipes / dishes caviar, foie gras, truffle, pearl meat, abalone, lobster, crab, crayfish, gold leaf

Please note: You may be asked to prepare and present one of your application recipes or use a mystery box of ingredients at the state or national cook-off. Successful applicants will be advised before either cook off what the requirements for the first cook-off will be and what equipment will be available. Your application recipes may also be shared with media to publish and therefore, we advise trial and testing each recipe for cooking time, quantities, and cooking temperatures carefully with a clear step by step process. Photos and recipes will be used by Appetite for Excellence and their partners for publicity/media marketing purposes will be credited to your name in publication.

the full set of rules (t&c’s)

To download and read our full terms & conditions click Young Chef T&C’s 2016

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