judges application tips

utlimately the programme is here to provide a helping hand to the industry. Being a restaurateur is not just about running a restaurant, it’s about running a business. Each of our judges understand this and bring a unique and diverse business acumen to the panel. Obviously, your application is an important component and how your business profile is communicated. Our panel understand that each restaurant has an individual viewpoint and vision,which is why they wanted to give some inside tips about what they are looking for in your application.

the panel are looking for the following in your business profile;

  • Your vision
  • Forward thinking
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • How you are active in your community

read what Christine Manfield has to say

why a video as well?

our panel love to see your words come to life & hear your passion for what you do and that is exactly why a video is part of the application. it only needs to be 1 – 2 minutes long, taken via your phone explaining what inspires and/or excites you about your business(s). Don’t worry, it’s not to be shared with anyone outside of the panel & it only needs to be taken on your phone. It’s pretty simple upload done in the online application form – no larger than 200MB

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