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Murdoch Market Update

  • Oranges & juicing fruits are excellent at the moment
  • Cucumbers; Lebanese and telegraph are both high in price
  • Cumquats have popped up

Murdoch Produce has created a full Market Update for a great insight to what’s in this week


Currently Avocado orchards are found in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. Avocados are a perennial fruit and Australian premium produce is available all year round because of the widespread and climatically diverse growing regions. The highest volume of fruit is available between March and November.

Avocados are known to have existed from as far back as 291 BC. They originally took root in the highlands of Central America and Mexico and the lowlands of Columbia in South America, where they grew wild.

Did You Know?
Avocados were first discovered by the Aztecs around 300BC where they grew wild in Mexico?

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