Young Waiter Apply

Now you’ve read through all the important information all you need to do to join our community of like-minded young hospitality professionals is to fill in the application form by clicking the link below….We’ve put together a checklist here for you…

  • Can I attend all dates if I am selected? Yes!
  • Am I over 18 & under 30 years of age as of the 07 August? Yes!
  • Do I work in a venue with a liquor license? Yes!
  • Do I hold the nationally recognised RSA certificate in the state I work in? Yes!
  • I’m not employed as a hospitality trainer or I don’t own my own restaurant/business? Yes!
  • I am an australian citizen or I hold a residence visa? Yes!

If you’ve answered Yes! to all the above then you are ready to start the application…

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